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Dr Jean-Paul Brutus,
Hand Surgeon (DRBRUTUS.COM)


Finding inspiration in his passion for hands and the basic role they play with respect to communication, love and helping others, Dr. Jean Paul Brutus came up with the philanthropic concept of Helping Hands. His personal experience with friends and family members suffering from depression led him to dedicating the project to the cause of mental health.


Dr. Brutus also supports the Welcome Hall Mission (Mission Bon Accueil) in feeding, housing and helping the less privileged in his adoptive city of Montreal. Dr Brutus dedicates his career to helping patients with hand and wrist injuries in Montreal.


Dr Yves Lamontagne,


Dr. Yves Lamontagne is the first Quebec psychiatrist to specialize in behavioural therapy and mental health research programs. He founded the Fernand-Séguin Research Center at the Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine Hospital and the Quebec Mental Illness Foundation. He also served as President of the Collège des médecins du Québec. Co-founder of Impatients, he tirelessly contributes to educating the public about the causes, nature and treatment of mental illnesses.


Helping Hands is one of the many charitable ventures that he lends his time and name to.


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The book

The hand, that sophisticated instrument that allows us to accomplish a multitude of tasks and achievements, is also a tremendous tool for providing support, mutual help and solidarity. The expressions “taking someone by the hand”, lending a helping hand”, “providing a hand”, “having your heart in your hand” are great illustrations of that wonderful quality …


Helping Hands is a tribute to the beauty of people’s hands and to the philanthropic commitment of forty or so Quebec personalities as well as about fifteen Montreal photo artists.

The book was put together on an entirely volunteer basis. All profits will be used to support the activities of the “Les Impatients” Foundation.


The cause

Art at the service of mental health

The Organism « Les Impatients » assists people suffering from mental health issues through artistic expression.


The organization offers its “Impatients” free creative workshops focused on drawing, painting and music. Close to 450 people take part in these workshops each week, and they are supervised by professional artists or therapists. The workshops are offered in various Montreal regions as well as in outlying areas.
All proceeds from the sale of the “Helping Hands” book will be donated to the Foundation.

Les Impatients… en résumé




More and more scientific studies show that generosity is an essential component of happiness and health.


Although every act of love, mutual help and kindness contributes to a healthy and happy life, volunteer work specifically is a major source of happiness and well-being…


A few proven benefits:

  • Children who are friendlier and attentive to others are not only more well-liked than others, they also do better in school.
  • People who contribute to charitable endeavours are less likely to suffer from mental health issues such as depression.
  • People who say that they are very happy devote an average of 5.8 hours per month to volunteer work.
  • People with a generous nature say that they are happier in relationships
  • Being concerned with the well-being of others has a positive effect on their stress level and reduces the chances of dying prematurely.


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